Flirt your way into a conversation

Too shy to make the first move? Just start with one of these spiffy openers and take it from there.

#Flirting your way into a conversation –


Spring fling or real thing? Take the quiz!

is the love your in obbessive like the beginning of a relationship? or is it true love like where you spend your life together. Take this quiz! how many times do you think of her/him in a day?

Is your #love a spring fling or the real thing?


Vegan BBQ pulled sweet potato

The weather in #Portland is getting warmer. Perfect time for a #vegan bbq!


Old school dating

It’s time for a throwback to a simpler time with some good ol’ retro romance.

Old school #dating –


how to avoid bad couples therapy

How to avoid bad #couples #therapy –


sex pillows

#Sex pillows!