Follow your heart

Follow your heart

A little bit of #Romance for you today…


Why heterosexual men may be having same sex experiences

Why heterosexual men may be having same sex experiences

This sex and relationship coach explores why some heterosexual men engage in gay sex. Here are 8 possible considerations if you or your partner is asking the question: “Am I gay?”

More men are trying same #Sex experiences, even #Married ones. Check out the story –

Health benefits of a loving relationship

Health benefits of a loving relationship

Being with your man is doing you a lot more good than you may realize.

There are #health benefits to being in a loving #relationship!


How to not ruin your marriage

How to not ruin your marriage

You want a great marriage, but if you do one of these 5 things, you’re more likely to ruin a marriage. Learn how to steer clear of these dangers.

Tips for avoiding ruining your #Marriage –


Stay close to who and what you love

Stay close to who and what you love

Staying close to WHO you #Love also leads to a #happy life!


Mind Blowing stimulators and sex toys

Mind Blowing stimulators and sex toys

Rev up your sex life with these compact friends.

Check out these great #Sex toys! Toys in the bedroom are great fun for all involved!


Tips for starting Couples Counseling

Tips for starting Couples Counseling

Tips for couples looking to start counseling –